Introducing BCT-Touristik

The BCT-Touristik / Bexte-Touristik is a German tour operator. We operate all kind of group travels since 1992.

Concerning to the request of our clients we are running series and ad hoc groups to all classes of programmes from first and deluxe class tours with equivalent hotels from 2* to 5* hotels. Depending on the country and programmes we suggest a group size between 15 and 100 Pax, but even goups of 600 Pax are no problem for us.

The BCT-Touristik is active in study and culture tours (Early High Culture Tours). Besides this we are also organizing special tour programmes for pilgrim groups in the Holy Land as well as Trekking Tours in the Himalaya.

The BCT-Touristik is situated in Münster in Nordrhein-Westfalen, nearly 40 km from the Dutch border. Münster, a town of 250000 inhabitants, has the third largest university of Germany, with over 40000 students. Our second office is in Siegburg nearby Cologne.

Main office in Siegburg / Cologne  

Mailing address: Bonner Str. 37 · 53721 Siegburg

Tel.: ++49-2241-9424211

Fax: ++49-2241-9424299


Second office in Münster   

Mailing address: Breite Gasse 1, 48143 Münster    

Tel.: ++49-251-55595

Fax: ++49-251-55596





Managing Director: Ulrich Bexte
Product Manager Group Incoming: Vanhnasay Soulivongsak
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